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Botany Bay 10/7/06


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Hi Fellow Raiders,

Fished the bay Monday morn,got 6 squid at Watts reef early,then

decided to head outside and see what was on offer.Not much as it

turned out only pesky Jackets which quickly relieved us of 5 of

our squid in no time at all,moved several times but they kept

finding us.Came back in the bay and landed Trev after Trev at 3rd

runway,got bored of this and went under Capt Cook bridge,only

got small Snaps.Moved to Mollineaux Pt,caught and released more

Trevally,and kept 2 Taylor and a 35cm Bream,Our last squid was

placed under a float and was smashed after about 20 mins in the

water,after a 2 min battle trying to land whatever it was,the hooks

pulled and we were left with nothing,and no more squid so we

called it a day.

:beersmile: penguin


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