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Trout Fishing

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i got a masive brown there in 1999, on a tasie about this time of year too.

but i wouldnt go out of my way to fish there never got another fish

i got mine on the far side of the lake near the reids, land based. i dont think you are allowed with boats...dont think there is a ramp...paddle power maybe!!!!!

you would only fish there if you lived next door...i havnt trout fished for ages but always did better at lake lyall its worth the extra drive (though might not have any water anymore)

the biggest trout i ever got was from wenty, but i got busted of by a monster rainbow at lyall once. he followed the lure right to my feet and looked me right in the eye. then took my lure and ran like it wasnt even atatched to line.

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Sorry guys been a bit busy for a couple of days, the fish was caught on a 7g tassie devil in the northern side of the lake closest to Waratah rd.The fish was not weighed but I estimate it to be just under a kilo. Wentworth Falls Lake can be a tough place to fish because of constant water levels and an abundance of foods for the trout to feed on, as such they can be very selective often following lures all the way to your feet. I feel the lake is best fished landbased in the cooler months as the trout spend most of their time in relatively cool shallow water. In summer the lake being only shallow in depth can heat up quite quickly so the trout tend to search for more comfortable temperatures usually in the depths which are best accessed with a canoe. cheers TROUTBOY :1fishing1:

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Hey guys, If I told you that I get fish most trips I would be lying! :05: Having said that I usually dont go too many sessions without plenty of bites and missed opportunities. It has taken me around 3 solid seasons to become familiar enough with the lake to find fish consistently and work out their seasonal patterns. I can see how an angler who is unfamiliar with the lake could find it difficult to catch fish on their first few attempts and then become convinced that there is simply no fish to be caught, but believe me there is some very impressive brown trout in this lake , they are just very hard too catch! Local fishing clubs stock the lake annually with 1000 brown and 1000 rainbow trout fingerlings and this has been happening for some years now, thus there is an over population of relatively small trout in this lake all competing for food and this I believe is limiting the overall growth of the fish in general. Perhaps if the annual stocking was ceased for several years the fish already in the lake could attain much larger average sizes! :1fishing1: cheers TROUTBOY

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