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Fishraider Radio Channel


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Hey all, i have mentioned in a post previously that it might be good to have a radio channel that we all used so we could assist each out on the water.

This will allow raiders to communicate while on the water and advise one another of where the fish might be, Live bait is etc, I know a few raiders were out on Sunday when i caught the Salmon and if we had this channel i could have advised those raiders of my location and where the fish were.

I think it would be great and it would also allow many of us to meet up in the water and get to know each other aswell.

What do you guys think??

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Guest Mulloway Mayhem

yeah good idea netic

i reckon we need yo use a channel that no one else will hear so 50 other boats dont come and ruin it for us raiders.

i know that if i was out there i would definately call in for some back up if there was big school of fish for everyone.(except jewies haha)

cheers wayneo

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