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Yellowfin Lures


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Gday all

i think its fair to say if they are on they will eat anything, BUT otherwise.

what are the favourite lures for fin?

i reckon small lures (3-5 inch)with no smoke trail and a bit of tinsel.

have heard feather lures are the go but ive never put one in the water.


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Steve, like you said, when they're on they will nail any lure but if i were to target them specifically, the first lure that goes out is a 6.5 inch Yozuri Bonita bibless minnow followed by a Rapala CD-18 or Halco Laser Pro.

Little skirts are very good too but they pick up too many pesky Striped Tuna for mine :thumbdown:



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Guest Big-Banana

I bought a larger Halco Bibless lure and Iam going to troll that in the shotgun, the two larger pushers out wide. Hopefully thatll put me on to something that pulls!

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Guest Reely

As Red has said, the Yozuri Bonita's are the go and the Rapala CD-18, also look at the CD-22, the River to sea and Halco's are great and work well but the action gets affected after catching one fish, maybe stronger trebles or split rings would help. I would also run these close to the boat, they, are not scared of the boat while it is underway.

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heres mine

the tree has a big barrel sinker jammed in the head to keep it under and smoke free(home made cheapie)

1 small fin to date from 1 outing

the other is a virgin yozuri bonita bought yesterday. when i asked what other colours do you have the guy said " no, this is the one." (not cheap)

how fast can the bibless babies go?

Dan can you describe or show a pic of a tuna clone?

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