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Is It To Late For Jews


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If i wasnt so anti cold weather id be out there chasing them!! Great time off year to target them. I would try beaches on the full moon and the rivers a week before or after the moon. Easier tides to work with in the rivers a week after the moon. I have landed heaps this time of year mate. Give it a go and goodluck with it.

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Winter is a great time of year to target Jews mate.

The schoolis & odd larger fish are way up the rivers & the majority of bigger fish are on the beaches & inshore reefs.

Good luck with your hunting. :1fishing1:


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went last night got nothing

to many idiot kids making lots of noise

kept going till the water rats chased me off for fishing on a public warf

there is a real lack of land based spots in sydney that are not:

1 packed full of idiot home boy wanna b's or drugies

or 2 banned by local councils cause the same idiots make a mess

where the hell can we fish!!!!!! any time a find a good spot some thing wrecks it


i have to get a boat or give away night fishing

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