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Am I The Only One That Plays The Banjo?


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Banjo's do get a serve....

A heard of a guy who had one custom built.

He wanted it made out of local timbers so he arranged for some guy to make it.

This was one really nice instrument to look at.

It had beautiful inlays of different Australian hardwoods

and the neck was inlayed with opal

Any way one day he was going in to the city

He had to duck into an auto teller

so he just pulled up at the side of the road beside the bank

jumped out to get the money and yep you guessed it

He didn't lock his car.....

Fair dinkum he only had his head turned away from his car for about

3 minutes at the most

but it was too late

when he got back to his car and looked on the rear seat

where he had left his banjo

someone had.........


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Careful with Banjos.

I worked with a Gent once upon a time who made reference to Banjo players and a movie called Deliverance - I have never seen the flick BUT from what it sounds like I would be best to stay away from Banjo playing.


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