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Marine Mechanic - Northern Beaches


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Hi There,

I was wondering if anyone would like to recommend a marine mechanic on the northen beaches who is of quality and reasonable price. :15:

I have a Yamaha 2002 2 stroke 90hp and it needs to have a 50-60hr service. I brought the boat recently and it had 49hrs on it, it has now done 53hrs so it might be the right time to get a service, and general look over.

Does anyone know the servicing schedule for a 90hp 2 stroke 2002 yammie? :unsure:

Any help would be great :thumbup:

PS I did try and search forn other threads with the same description but couldn't fnd any in relation to the northen beches.

Cheers Manama

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G' day Manama

I use a bloke in Hornsby at a place called Enviromarine.

I have 4 stroke Yamaha and he has done my last 5 or six services.

My fishing mate has two 60Hp 2 stroke yammies and he does them as well.

Usually around $300 with oils and parts.

About to go in for my 500 hr major service.

He has had 28 years experience with Yamaha and Mariner motors.

Highly reccomend him.

PM me and I can send you more details.



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I have a 2003 70HP 2s Yammie so I guess the service would be similiar.

50 , 100 , 200 , 300 etc

However the book suggests a service every 12 months regardless of the hours.

Depending on usage , perhaps a balance between the two


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Try Kevin Monnock Marine

12 Tengah Cres

Mona Vale

Ph 9997 3175

There located near G Brothers the Mercedes car dealers

They have serviced my Mercury 60hp and Johnson 115 hp both 2 strokes, never had any problems. $200 to $300 has always covered my major services.

I once strayed and used Ken Bullen Marine in Garden Street Narrabeen and was not happy with the work done or the price. What started at $300 ended up at $1200 and I disputed some of the costs. Their attitude to discussing the bill was not giving me back my boat unless the whole bill was paid.

Hence I now stick with the Kevin Monnock Marine who I am happy with. After all your boat is like family and you want someone who will do the right thing.



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Hi guys,

Thank you very much for the advice.

Its great to get opinions of people who are unbiased.

I have ended up taking it to a friends friend, i hope its not one of those stories where thigns dont turn out so rosey :1prop:

Martin, if this guy i choose isnt crash hot I will definitely be trying out your suggestion next time



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