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  1. Geoff


    Mine also , Maxima is a great product with very competitive pricing
  2. Suggest u disconnect the cable then check the caliper for movement , ie move the arm where the cable connects too . this will determine if it's the caliper or something else. if the caliper , perhaps some WD40 , if that does not free it up then the caliper will need to come off. In respect to the coupling there should be two grease nipples. Give it a good grease & with the cable still removed hook the trailer on & drive around the block a few times applying the brakes many times , this should free it up
  3. Do u have a live bait tank , if so u can run a "T" off that , it will only cost a T fitting , a tap , some garden hose & a gun
  4. What yr missing is there are heaps of similar boats in the 3 - 4 k range most fitted with a well known brand motor not something rebadged
  5. $ 6 k for that , no way , may be 4k on a good day but I would be looking for closer to 3k What is the length , 3.6 mt ??.
  6. I have a Webster 4.9 , twin hull , single engine in the center Fabulous boat , would never consider going back to a mono hull but as rickmarlin62 says " if you can find one ", especially the 5.2 mt Geoff
  7. Are u referring to the stearing cable or the actual motor ?? If the latter that's very unusual for both the horizontal & vertical piviot points to cease up , especially when the motor looks in very good condition
  8. Geoff

    new old boat

    I will call in when passing , interested in having a look Geoff
  9. This is way out in left field but some motors have a device in the block that if the motor overheats it cuts the throttle back to avoid damage . These can become faulty over time even if the temp is ok if yr motor has one , perhaps worth checking
  10. The first thing was to get the boat off the trailer . without going into specific detail I decided to lift it up , the back on stands , the front suspended from a reinforced roof beam around the bow spit . When about an inch clearance pulled the trailer out The trailer , at the time of taking the photo , rust removed , rust converter applied , & primer . I then applied Galmit & overcoated with a silver paint . There are plenty of products on the market all of which I assume are of good quality. I chose Wattle ( one stop shopping ) as they have the four products required , Converter , primer , Galmit & top coat , A bottle of metho is also required The process took about 3 days , most of the time taken waiting for each coat to dry A tip , a little bit of paint goes a long way so unless u have a very big job the small 250ml can should be enough GeoffI
  11. JonD Yr referring to Boat Latch which is different to Boat Catch Boat catch , just pull the pin & reverse off
  12. I've got one on my boat but it's a cat , I assume you have a mono hull Is yr boat F/Glass or Aluminium ?? Either way , the procedure is the same but the first thing to check is access to the inside of the bow as when the holes are drilled u need access to tighten the nuts set up depends on yr trailer & where u can mount the bracket , once u have that sorted & the bracket fitted , then fit the catch to the bracket , hold the catch to the bow , mark the holes , drill & bolt on
  13. Thanks Frank but all done , not perhaps 100% but a lot , lot better than what it was As a final summary , the main problem was down the back where 13 years of grease had become hard & some had migrated up the shaft on the starboard side. There was no rust or corrosion This took a while to clean out before it was ready for fresh lubricant With the stearing box , I was reluctant to pull the whole thing apart so I removed the top black tube which covers the spring , cleaned off the old grease which also had become hard , applied new grease , turned the wheel from L to R several times until there was a reasonable coating & that made a big difference . Finally , when I tightened the starboard nut at the motor the stearing again became stiff , backed it off about 1.5 turns & now , all good Tks again for every one's contributation Geoff
  14. Fab 1 . I'm about to attack the stearing box but I'm a bit confused with yr terminology You say to remove the cable , to me that's the cable or rod inside the tube or the housing , correct ?? Then , are u saying , to also remove the tube or housing which the cable slides in ?? On my boat that is easier said than done , any way that's my problem Could u perhaps clarify Tks Geoff
  15. tks guys , will be working on it today , hopefully get some improvement I Will report back
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