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I Found The Use For Puffer Fish!


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Hi Raiders,

I saw a small part of "Beyond Tomorrow" tonight, which explained the breakthrough of a Canadian company in using the "venom" of a pufferfish (Fugu rubripes) to procure tetrodotoxin and create a drug for chronic pain relief :1yikes: . This is the same fish that is highly prized for eating by the Japanese :1yikes: and has been used for mapping the human genome :1yikes: .

Here's a link to the article on the Canadian use:


...and a link to the genome mapping article:


...and a link to a genome mapping publication:


...and a link to a pufferfish poisoning article:


So Raiders, next time there's a pufferfish/puffer/toady/toadfish/blowfish etc. on your hook, feel free to think "I remember now - they have a purpose!" :biggrin2:



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