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Pt. Stephens , Last Week


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Headed off to P.S last week with a few mates. Arrived on Wednesday after a wet trip for most of the 200km. First site of the bay did not improve the situation with white caps a plenty.

Thursday , 25 / 30 knot westerley blowing into a 2 - 3 mt N/E swell. The wind settled in the afternoon & we fished around the heads for 8 throw back reds

Friday , Wind had moved around to the S/E but the swell was still pounding in. Fished the island 5 km due East of the heads. There were heaps of fish but with the exception of 1 Mowong , all throw backs

The westerly returned overnight & wiped out Saturday & Sunday.

Not to worry , we suplemented the R & R time with other things inc :beersmile::beersmile::beersmile:

Trip home was "interesting" , normally aroung 2.5 hours. This one , 4.25 hours. Traffic accident near Berowra so I & many hundreds other vehicals were at a stand still just South of the Hawksbury bridge for an hour or so while they cleared it up

Two other items of interest , The main boat ramp at Little Beach has lots of sand covering the lower part making retreival in a 2WD car a challange. Hopefully the council will give it a clean down.

For the latest on the Marine Park , see my post in Fisheries News & Politics


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Guest BBM Rick

Yes. I was stuck in the same jam. I heard over the UHF radio that there was a fatality and a fellow with serious head injuries. The road was closed so the overturned car could be retreived, and the injured tendered.

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