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Have I Been A Bad Boy?


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G,day Raiders.

It has been a while since I took my boat out for a run, :05: so Tuesday night in hope of fine weather on Wednesday, :1fishing1: I put the battery on the charger to top it up after sitting for about six weeks, I checked the fluid levels to find that the levels had dropped below the lead cell. :05::thumbdown::thumbdown: I topped the cells up with de-mineralised water and put it on the charger.

Here potentialy lies the problem have I potentialy created a problem of irrepairable damage to the battery or perhaps shortened it's life. The battery took longer to charge than normal but seems to be holding the charge OK.

Your thoughts would be appreciated. :thumbup:

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It all depends on whether you had been using the battery with the low electrolyte levels or not, if it had just been sitting , you should probably be OK . The real test will be a few cold starts . How much below the top of the plates was the electrolyte?


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G,day Flightmanager.

The battery had not been used while low, as the electrolight levels were only just under the plates.

I did manage to get out yesterday and the battery kicked over the motor just fine and it was quite cold yesterday morning as I hit the water.

Thanks for your reply.

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