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Browns Mountain 16/8/06


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Launched the boat at 6am in Botany Bay and then headed to my usual live bait groud near the container wall. Tried to pick up so livies but they weren't about. Usually when you put some bread crumbs in the water their as thick as theives!

At about 7am headed out through the heads and pointed the bow towards Browns. Water was flat and relatively calm. Arrived at Browns at about 8.30am and was met by about dozen other boats working the area (including "Tun O Fun"). The majority of the boats were stationary so I guesss they were cubing or bottom bashing.

Cut the engine and started to cube.... weather was getting better. After about two hours and five blocks of pillies later the only action I saw was a huge seal swimming by :1yikes: . There was no chatter on the 27meg or VHF so I guess the other boats were doing it tough as well. I even heard some local pro fisherman talking about the lack of fish about.

At 11am decided to give trolling a go. Set four skirts and the Pakula witichdoctor out the back and trolled back to the Plonk Hole. Not even a hit!


Enough was enough...... head back to the Bay as I had to start work! :ranting2:

As they say your worst day on the water, is better then your best day at work!

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njsconst it's a pitty that nothing was biting at browns as it's a long way to go

but atleast you gave it a good go.Seems like the fin have moved on.

I've noticed that the water temp has dropped abit.

Hopefully next time you're out the fin will be more co-operative.

Did you try bottom fishing?

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Hey bud, sorry to hear to didnt get any, happy i didnt go after your report.

I was told on the weekend that the moon phases could effect the tuna being on the bite and now we have entered a new phase.

The YFT seem to be very on and off and it seems you just gotta keep trying and you will get some.

Did you try for any mako's, My mate went on Monday and got 2, 1 x 237 kg and another 132kg. The 237kg was a record for 15kg line for the watsons bay weigh station.

Have also heard plenty of other boats getting plenty of Mako.

Anyway atleast you were out on the water enjoying what was a perfect day.

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Didn't try bottom bouncing..... tooooo deep and I don't have the right reel for that (big enough ratio).

I had the baits out for anything. You would think with the amount of cubes in the water out there that the mako's would have been about.

I'm pretty sure nothing was caught out there yesterday in the way of YFT & Mako's.

Soon as this wind drops I'll be trying again.

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