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Broken Bay: Inshore Reefs And Marks

Mondo Rock

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Hi Raiders

Having recently made the move from land-based to boating angler I feel a little as though I've moved from year 6 to year 7. I was the man when it came to land-based, well - maybe not quite that good, but at least I knew what I was doing most of the time - yet all of a sudden I find that I am the new kid on a much bigger block!! I need new gear, new techniques and new knowledge.

It's great fun - as all the boaties know.

I am fishing out of Brisbane Water/Broken Bay and each time we go we are venturing a little further out - the boat is a 5 metre Quinnie and is perfectly capable of handling a run all the way to the shelf on a good day (not that we're going to do that in the forseeable future).

Anyway - my question to all Raiders who can help is whether anyone can share info about good reefs, or gravel beds, or drifts, or marks etc within 5km offshore of Broken Bay. I am currently populating the GPS with as much info as I can and am looking to put together a plan of attack for this coming weekend.

Just to clarify, it's the off-shore spots I'm asking after. There are plenty of maps and good info about the spots within Broken Bay/Pittwater/B Water - but none showing the outside locations/marks.

Any and all info from the Raider knowledgebank will be very much appreciated!!

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:1fishing1: You have made a great choice on fishing by investing in a good sea craft. I have had many a succesfull day or night at Broken Bay Wide, Boultons Reef or Esmarelda, all of these marks are on the 'Fishraider GPS List'.

Hope you have some good stories to report in the future.



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Thanks gafmo

That's the kind of stuff I was hoping to hear about. I know that the list of GPS marks exists, but my boating knowledge is so limited that I don't recognise the names and thus don't know which of the marks is reachable from Broken Bay (except for Broken Bay Wide - that one is obvious).

So Boultons Reef and Esmerelda are also nearby - great, I will mark them.

Any Raiders willing to part with other locations? I'm happy to receive by PM if necessary?

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There is a very long list of GPS marks on another fishing web site. Do a search in google and you should find them.

Depending on the type of GPS you have you can put the points in and get it to show you where they are.

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Hey Mondo,

I am looking to head out to west reef etc this saturday too

+ go the 5M quinnie!!!!

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