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Cleaning And Filleting/steaking A Yft


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Hey guys,

after we caught the YFT yesterday my mate took the fish home and the plan was that he would clean it up and cut it up and then hand it out to people to enjoy it.

He called me this morning and said when trying to cut the fish its meat kept on falling apart and he couldnt manage to cut it into steaks at all.

Is there a way around this, now we didnt bleed the fish straight away nor did we clean him straight away.

Previous YFT have always been released due to the fact that i dont eat fish but my mates were really keen to rip into this tuna and it seems like nobody will be able to eat it.

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Hi Netic

As above the realy really important thing is to bleed the fish. The best bet as CFD siad it pull the pectoiral fin on the side up, and with a fillet knife push in and down. The fish will pump out the blood. Then get the fish in a sea water ice slurry.

The fillet and cutting technique is good, no short way to do it unless u r a butcher. and then it is about practce.


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