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Dee Why Beach


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Another afternoon down at the beach - or at least an hour. Got my bait in the water at about 4.15pm. There was some weed about, so I moved a little north of my favorite spot. I was just about in the middle of the surf club. The water did look very nice and clean, and there semed to be just enough white water.

I started with some pillies, but once again found them to be pretty ordinary. These pillies have really surprised me. I bought a kilo of them last Monday, and carefully salted them and wrapped them in newspaper in packs of about 6. I can honestly say that in the 3 sessions I've had with them, I have had only about 5 or 6 takes. Anyway, I chopped the remainder up this afternoon, and tossed them out as berley before I left. If it was seagulls that I was fishing for, I could have caught plenty. I switched to the squid, but i forgot to bring my trusty bit of polystyrene to use as an internal float. I did get a few hits, but nothing substantial, and nothing hooked. I was using fairly heavy gear, 12lb leader, with a 3.0 long shank - hoping for tailor, or flathead (which is what seems to be my usual)

There was a guy just up the beach from me. I don't know if I'm stealing his thunder, he may be writing his report as I post this. Anyway, he was fishing fairly light, tossing unweighted baits just over the shorebreak. I was not close enough to see what bait he was using, but I did see his results. While I was there he caught and threw back at least 2 -3 small whiting and a few small dart. His method was different from mine, and he was definitely targeting whiting, considering his rig and where he was casting.

I hope that someone caught today, and I will be sure to report on my next outing. I should be replacing my 30hp next month, which will hopefully see me back on the water, but I must admit that I am getting into my beach fishing again. It is really a case of back to the basics.

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bad luck on today mate.

beach fishing can be frustrating at times and you just have to stick with it.

im yet to get a jew off the surf and its due to my lack of patiencee, but one day i ll get around to it.

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