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Cooks Fri 25-08-06

Guest Saqa

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G'day Raiders

I took out my Mac 360 for a test run today. I have just spent the last 2 weeks trying to make the best use of the available space in my little 3.6m poly boat with the help of George S. I put the finishing touches on it 2am this morning and together with George took it down to the cooks for a quick trial run just before midday.

We fished around the moored boats with plastics and and George scored the first fish of the day, a cute little flatty which was released. A little bit later I followed up with a slightly larger model which was also released. I got one more smaller fish a little bit later. I was fishing with my prototype KR SP MAX UL70 and using Gamakatsu 1/32oz jigheads and berkley grubs (shameless plug) with 6lb fireline in elton john colour. The grubs were the lure of the day and all fish were taken on it. We tried other styles and didnt get a touch. All fish were released.

I am glad to say that way I have fitted the boat out work perfectly for my use and now its time to start on the final part of the project and fit a decent live well system that wont inpact on the available room. I have done a couple of tricky things with the storage system which I will show when I get a chance to take some pics and add to the members boats thread.




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32oz jigheads? :1yikes::074:

pity you didnt fet to give the rod a serious test but a great day to be out on the water

Shit. Little error. Fixed

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Guest fishrunner

good to see ya boat gettin in the water Rohit :thumbup: . Well done.

And a few fish to boot, can't complain bout that, congrats george s and rohit on gettin a few fish in the boat as well :biggrin2:


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