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Fishraider Is Full Of Friendly People

Guest rzep

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Who has met who face to face?

I think it is good that we can all share expriences and thoughts with each other.

Wayno is the first person I have met from this site and he is a top bloke. Although he can talk me under the table I am sure we will be having a few more meets with each other to chat about fishing!!

I found him to be very knowledgeable with fishing and he gave me quite a few tips and hints.

So if you havn't met some one get out there and do it.



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Haraka and Pablo

I only spoke to the guy for about 3hrs, there is only so much you can learn in that amount of time and by no means do I know all of his secrets but lets see who catches the FISH on the social day! :1prop:

so paul are you going to pass on some tips to us fellow raiders

the jewfish social is coming up and a few tips would be great

i hope you both will be attending the social


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Unfortunately I havent had the opportunity to meet many raiders, have only met a handful that i have bumped into at Tackle shops and boat ramps.

Hopefully will be able to make it out to a social soon to meet many more

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