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The Peak And 12 Mile Reef

Guest IFishSick.

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Guest IFishSick.

Got up at a reasonable 6am to test out how the new boat went. Got down to the Bay at around6:30. Set off with my dad (Keith) driving while I (Ryan) and Worrick got the rods ready for the peak.

Trolled the peak for around 10 minutes with a pink skirt but got nothing. Then set up drift after drift over the peak with about nothing in an hour and a half's fishing. I as usual was sick :wacko: , and no one was catching much so we decided to head out to the 12 mile reef, on the way spotting a whale and two sharks.

Arrived at the reef around 9:30 and were suprised to find around .5m of swell. Got out the rods and plunged into the depths. the first to pull up a fish was Keith with a very nice 48cm Leather jacket :1clap: . Next Worrick with a double hookup, a large Leathery and a Pinky. Around 10 more leather jacket followed all sizish ones.

After around 3 hours fishing the fish were cleaned and we were ready to go. Using the GPS followed our exact route back to the bay. After around 15 minutes Dad stopped the boat and was ordering us to get the skirts in the water. There were giant splashes ahead and we were into the fin. We were about 30m away when we lost our excitement to find a school of around 20 dolphins swimming around the boat. We were fooled by another group of Dolphins only 10 minutes later.

Not all was lost with plenty of leather jackets. Better luck next time hopefully with some decent sized fish.

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