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Outside Sydney Sat 2/09/06


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Hi All just thought i would post pic of outside waters 1.5k out for thoses of you who missed out on getting out today. Conditions stayed like this the whole time we were out. Oh yeh only bagged 1 legal red all day ( 8.30am-1.30pm) Late start due to big night. Early finish due to no bloody fish. :05: All fish reports heard on radio were also bad. Anyway Cheerrs :beersmile: Need to take up where i finished off this morning. :beersmile::beersmile:

1.5 k outside heads sydney off blue fish point south of Manly

How good could it get


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Guest IFishSick.

Dissapointing on such a good day that the fish werent biting but it happens doesnt it. I hope to be getting out next weekend, hope its as calm as that.

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Now that's calm.

The only problem is that when

it's calm,hot and there's no wind

there's usually no fish biting as

quite afew people experienced.

It's still great to be out on the water

even if the fish arn't biting.

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shame on the fishing front , looks like a bloody nice day otherwise!

(how big was the snapper?)

Snapper was a masive 32cm :biggrin2: , picked up about 25 Seargent Bakers around 10kg mark :074: Just kidding about size but man a few would have easy been 500mm long. All The mother-n-law fish went back waste of time cleaning for me. I have been hitting sydney weekly and last week was also disappointing compared to previous 4 or 5 weeks but did pick up a couple of reds and 4 Mowies and 3 Huge Jackets way down on usual. The Jackets are over running the place at moment didnt matter where we fished they were there and mostly tiny and not worth fishing for. Must say back at ramp last week a bloke pulled up at cleaning table and pulled a good 15 Snapper most around 1 kg and a thumper at over 5kg. Good spot hes been working obviously.

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spewing mate at least you go out there. spewing bout only one red. did you give the makos a crack or the kings?


Nah didnt bother throwing out wire for shark as we were pulling in (and released) a few Seargents and new if Mako around they just cant resist that Red colour especially swimming eradically straight up to my boat. No King Fishing as was just out for bottom bash drift for Mowie / Snapper but alas did not follow through. Jackets big problem at moment. Hope they piss off soon but dont like chances as reports from Broken bay to Port Kembla.

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