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Saturday The 2nd


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Whats doing Guys? Went out with my dad and mate yesterday off Long Reef. It was a great run out there with the very calms seas :biggrin2: .

First drop at 7.00am, dad had a double hookup a 40cm Trevally on the top and a 45 cm Mowrong he was over the moon. Next I was onto nice Flathead and almost straight away we had a double hookup with my dad and mate both onto good fish. Dad landed another nice Flattie and my mate had a double with a bigger Blue Morwong and a nice size Red Rock cod. The day just kept getting better and better more Flathead + plus I lost a monster when these leatherjackets followed him to the surface, i'm pretty sure we would of been over 65cm :ranting2: Got a few other species some Wrasse and different species of leatherjacket and a sea sweep.Great day!!!! Mitchell :biggrin2:

here are some pics of the day

Dad with his 2 fish

sorry everyone, Saturday the 2nd was looking at August on the calender whops :1prop:

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