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Liffey River 9/9.


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With a bit of extra time on my hands, I'd planned a large river or lake yak attack for yesterday but the gale force winds kinda killed that idea. Instead I headed to a pretty little stream that flows through some temperate rainforest and was the scene of my first tassie trout capture. Here is the pool that gave me my first tassie trout.


Yesterdays ocupant:


A bit more scenery:


I did catch a few fish too. Biggest was only in the high 30s though.


I was also keen to try some underwater shots, but I reckon I need some practise with that caper, jeez it makes your hands cold.





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Thanks fellas. It really is a nice spot on the upper Liffey even if the fishing isn't fantastic it makes up for it with scenery. Unfortunately I kept unhooking the fish before trying the underwater shots and they'd escape before I got a shot off. For the last one i left the hook in but its really hard to frame and focus by guessing (hence the out of focus and noseless shots), I'm sure it'll come with practise. Gives me another excuse to go fishing.



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Nice pics Col,

Something special about that pool you caught your first trout on. :1fishing1: It is funny how we always venture back to the spot on you first sucess and try to relive that moment. I often fish the pool i caught my first trout in and i must say, i have never since had those same conditions of fish rising everwhere in full view. However now i now were they live, i catch plenty more these days. :biggrin2:

Here is a pic of that pool after a bit of rain

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