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Jervis Bay


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Im going to jervis bay in a week, dont know the place very well

can anyone give me any tips, suggestions for land based fishing.

can anyone suggest a good charter.

thanks :1fishing1:

i was don there on the weekend but unfortunately with the wild weather was not able to do any fishing. i did however scope the lake down in st georges basin at sanctuary point out. There seems to be prime flattie country pretty much the length of the lake there.

cant wait till i visit my mate next tym when the weather is good.


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I was chartering down there for about six months out of Callala Bay.

Call me at the shop for some marks and ideas...9661 7967.

Theres some top spots around there in and out of the bay..... :1Lighten:

fishfinder tony

do you mind if you i can get the marks as well you can pm if needed


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