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Lure Scents For Bream


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Guest fishrunner

I've used yum, stimulate spray and various others,

All I can say for sure is it doesn't stop them biting your lure. :074:

Even for just the extra confidence you feel casting out a extra scented lure it is worth it! every bit helps.


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Sounds like gulps are worth trying.

Thanks for tips.

When you are working the gulp sandworm, what sort of retrieve do you use?

Cheers coastie :1fishing1:

Hey coastie,

I've found that the slower the better with your retrieve, short soft one hopes usually works best and a lot of pause inbetween as well, you can also use the large Squidgy Wrigglers (100mm) trim the head off and the top part so that the profile is more like a worm, these work much better in faster current and structure a little bit more action with your retrieve but not much more, like an extra hope or to between pauses, I also find that appling Stimulate gel scent aid's to your hook up rate too with the wrigglers not the gulp. With the Gulp worms use cammo in dirty water and natural in clear water and only those 2 colours, wrigglers use bloodworm in the clearer water and flash prawn in the dirtier water red rum is another good color but in the dirty water.

Hope this helps


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