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Sunday 10th Sept


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Hi guys

Went to Forster after work last Sat with a mate to have a look at a block of land. We packed the rods just in case we had some spare time to have a flick around. Driving from Sydney is poored all the way till we got to Forster and then it poored even more.

Since there was some great footy to be watched we went to the pub and had a meal and a few beers (or should i say a few hundred!). We decided to head to the RSL where the action was and had a massive night not getting home to around 5am

Waking up Sunday i had felt like i had been run over be a car or even something bigger like a truck. We went to Coomba Bay to have a look at the block and decided to have a quick fish while it had stopped raining. Fishing off the local jetty we were not expecting much but we pulled in about half a dozen smallish flathead with the biggest going 47cm. Its amazing how a few fish can stop someone from being hungover.

Anyway it was a nice little session in a great place. Attached are a few pics from the day.



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Good stuff Randall,

Looking more and more like the consumate lure fisherman :biggrin2:

good on ya mate thats dedication.

i hate fishing hung over, so well done

James I have had some of my best sessions hungover...I spose that's why I never have trouble getting out of bed if I'm about to go for a fish regardless of what happened the night before...the incentive's there! :beersmile:

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