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Fishing Off The Heads... Need Info


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G'day all,

Just found this site yesterday and thought I'd jump on board and ask a question.

Me and 2 mates are heading outside the heads on Saturday night and i was wondering if anyone has any tips on what to go after out there and where?

We usually just hang around the harbour and in some of the bays along the edges as we have a tinny with an 18 hp older than us! Going after flathead, bream and some decent snapper when they drift in (not very often).

However we've gotten our hands on a mates much bigger boat for the weekend and are heading out sat night/sunday morning.

We were thinking of taking our squid and pilchards?? and a massive bloody burly can to stir it all up a bit.

Any hints and tips would be very much appreciated.



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Thanks for the welcome mate :thumbup:

No one seems to have any tips for us so we'll just go with what we know, If we manage to get hold of any decent fish I'll throw them on the post on Monday. Photo's that is ;)

Thanks again mate,

Matt (justfish)

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You have a few options depending on what gear you have

You can chase some bonnies/Salmon by trolling lures on the southern run

You can target some bottom dwellers such as snapper/ Mowies by going to the various reefs eg: colours, Whale

Or you can drop some livies down to see if you can get onto some of the reported kings that are now around

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Guest IFishSick.

I would suggest if you are going outside the heads anywhere over some reef you always get some action, especially with the Kingies around. My tip would be to buy a burley bomb. These are quite good. You fill up a slim tube looking thing, drop it down to the bottom then strike. A flap will open and send all your burley everywhere over the sea floor attracting loads of fish. This is best worked on Trevally, Bream, Snapper etc. See how it goes and good luck

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If you're going outside at night there are a couple of things to watch out for:

1. keep your eye on your sounder as some of those deviations in the bottom contour can and do hold good fish

2. keep out of the shipping channels and keep an eye out for other boats/shipd headed your way

Good luck!

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