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Browns Montain


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ventured out to browns to be meet by a beautiful day on the water, could not ask for better conditions.got a few livies and started to head out ,we got to the 12 mile and out went the lures.we began to troll towards browns when we spotted a fin sticking out of the water, as we got closer ,we relised it was a mako,approx 3 meters long.in come the lures ,out goes the wire trace with a livie on the end off it.the second line goes out with stipe tuna head and guts attached to a balloon,for about 30 mins we try to catch this monster when we realised that it wasnt interested.so we ventured out to browns.we fish about 4 mile south off browns.we trolled ,we cubed for about 4 hours , and again with no luck .it was about 1pm ,so we decided to troll back to the shelf and then called it a day.what really pissed me off, in the morning when we trolled around the 12 mile for about an hour or so for no suceess,we decided to head to browns ,as we reached our spot, ewe heard a few 35 kg tuna where been caught back at the 12 mile,o well, thats fishing i guess, all in all, it was good to get out .it was that calm out there that on the way home we where doing 40 knots.

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