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Anyone Going To Narrabeen Lakes ?


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Heading down to Narrabeen lakes some time through the week..... just wondering if anyone is heading down through the week during the day (bettwenn 9-3) ??


I'm probably heading down tomorrow. But i'll be heading down late in the afternoon. Any other raiders interested in heading up to the lakes? We can probably meet up later in the week earlier in the day.


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ill head down either thursday or friday..... ill probably be down near the caravan park and walk out onto the flats to the channel chasing some flatties for dinner

Be careful wading in the lake at the moment..You may be best to wear a pair of shoes.

This is on the front page of today's Manly Daily:



Tide of syringes

Julian Leembruggen


TEN year-old Benjamin Crombie has complained of a sharp %%%%% to his foot and will be sent for tests after playing near a spot where at least three hypodermic needles have been discovered.

His parents, North Narrabeen couple Leonie and Peter Crombie said the needles washed up on their lakeside property along with other dangerous material including broken bottles after last week's heavy rain.

However, despite repeated complaints neither Pittwater nor Warringah councils have done anything to clean up the potentially disease-carrying needles found by the shore of the lake.

Mrs Crombie said it was common for rubbish including needles and condoms to wash up on their property next to Pittwater Council's Bilarong Reserve.

She said repeated calls and e-mails to both councils requesting help in the removal of the rubbish were met with buck-passing.

``When we called Pittwater Council we were always told it was Warringah, then every time we have told Warringah we have been told it's Pittwater's responsibility,'' she said.

``Whose responsibility is it? It's either going to sit here and wait for children to be injured, or it's going to wash back into the lake.

``Kids are walking, fishing and playing around here all the time.''

Following inquiries by the Daily Pittwater Council urban and environmental assets director Chris Hunt said a cleaning team would be sent to clear the rubbish.

Mr Hunt said rubbish which swept on to private property was usually the responsibility of land owners but that the Crombies' property was accessible via public land.

Warringah Council environmental services director Dennis Corbett said both councils met to discuss such issues regularly.

Ben Crombie, 10, now awaits tests after stepping on a needle washed up in his backyard. Picture: SIMON DEAN


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