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Terrigal 15th


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post-2200-1158731496_thumb.jpgpost-2200-1158731496_thumb.jpgG'day All,

Between all the beers, BBq's and footy it's taken a few days to get this quick report happening.

Fish off Terrigal last Friday from half 6 to about 4 in the arvo. Split the day between the snapper grounds, Peggys reef and Terrigal wide.

Terrigal wide had nothing going, while the gravel beds gave us a nice flattie, but Peggy's, with a nice burley trail, produced the lone snapper, a good Mowie, the gropper ( that went back ), a leather jacket, a wrasse, a beautiful squid and an absolute shitload of sweep.

Kept all bar the groper and the sweep.

Gorgeous day it was with a slight breeze and only a ripple of a swell. Looking forward to the next chance we get to head north.

Cheers and good fishing,



Only getting used to attaching pictures. Apologise to you all for having to look at my mates head 3 times.

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