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just wondering if anybody from that neck of the woods can tell me the best tackle shop there for getting information.I'm heading up that way with a couple of mates and families,and i want to be able to grab a feed of fish. We are there for the week starting saturday and have no idea of what's biting or where to get them.


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Hi Mate can't advise on tackle shop but if you go fishing off the rocks which most everyone does, just make sure you spend at least 20 minutes see how the swell is coming up to the rocks cause it can catch you by surprise on a notherly wind. Off the rocks with a float you can catch anything from nice tailor, kings, bonito etc... even spinning ealy morn


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Like most places the harder to get to spotrs fish best. If you walk right around the rocks south form Avoca you can get to a dead end sout of Winnie Bay. THe walk deters a lot of people. You used to be able to drive down there via a track from up at the water tower but I don't think you can anymore (few years since I fished there).

We used to get heaps of bonito there plus tailor, the odd snapper or jew & groper, plus there are usually a few kings around in summer if you want to live bait. Have also caught blackfish back in the bay near the stormwater outlet.

If you dont' want to walk that far you can usually get some blackfish & pigs around Jacksons (the first bay after the main platform) but these are low ledges & only for the experienced.

Good luck.


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