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Guys. I need some help!

I am going to buy a new sounder/gps combo unit and have decided to get from the US. Does anyone know how I go about changing the internal maps to suit Australia.

The unit is an Eagle Seacharter 500C DF with a sd card slot.



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Gday kingpig I ended up Also buying my one from the States saved about $400 each

just be prepared for the currency variations and the 3% charge for the VISA

But I found it worth while this links might help in doing your sums and a shop option


http://stores.ebay.com.au/GPS-SPECIALS_W0Q...sQ3amesstQQtZkm Ebay if you want it

Or direct to the shop the Lms 337 $644 US plus del $79 del Great Finder I got the Lms 339 with the internal Antenna but I reckon the external is better less dropouts


Translation to cost in Aussie Dollars unit price $851 Del $104

Good luck if you want advice Im Happy to help as Scary the first time

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the only thing i think you need to be careful of with gps is, not where you buy it from, but in particular what reference system you use for your co-ordinates. i think the U.S systems use the NAD whilst we use the GRS80 or WGS84. you just need to be aware of that because the difference between the two reference systems is significant....


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