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After dropping and cracking my old pocket box that i use for trout trips I went and scored a new one the other day. I thought some of you might be interested in what I take on a days trout spinning and what I consider a pretty good selection for trout lure fishing.

This is by no means all my tackle, just a selection that will cover almost all scenarios I encounter when trouting and will fit in my shirt pocket (summer) or wader pocket.

Does anybody else want to share a similar style pocket selection for other fishing styles/species (or their trout version)?

The pile consists of:

tackle box

braid scissors

leader 4lb siglon sinking (or 8lb Rio fluro)

sp tails: 3" bass minnows pumpkinseed

1" nymphs, camo and yellow/green

2" single tails gingerbeer (or gulps)



tape measure


rod and reel (spooled up with 2lb crystal fireline).

add a water bottle and a muesli bar and this is all I need for a days fishing (often the sp tails stay home).

The tackle box contents are:


1 sx40

1 rapala f5

1 35mm scorpion

1 attack minnow


1 vibrax #2

2 colarado blade japanese spinners (brand unknown)

2 jensen insect 3g spinners

1 willow blade japanese spinner (brand unknown)

1 rooster tail


skagito spoon 3.4g

1 lureman spoon 1.5g

1 japanese micro spoon 2.9g (brand unknown)

2 acme phoebe 1/12oz (2.5g)

2 wondercast tangos 7g


squidgy ball head 1.5g (for single tails)

squidgy finnesse 0.5g (for single tails)

Cobra 1/32oz (for nymphs)

Juro 1/22oz (for nymphs)

Nitros in #1 or 1/0 (for bass minnows) 1/22, 1/16, 1/8oz

Spare hooks

trebles for HBs (diaichi 8110 and owner st66)

gamakatsu single lure hooks size 4 and 6 (for spoons/spinners).

Am I missing anything?





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Hi Col,

Here is what i bring along when i am chasing trout on my flyrod in the small streams around Oberon.

Fortunately being a fly fishing means i can get away with wearing a sexy vest in this case a columbia henrys fork II. These items all fit in the vest:

Bottle of SA floatant

Indicator Putty

Retractable line clippers



4lb tippet SA (floating)

4lb fluro tippet RIO(sinking)

6lb fluro tippet RIO(sinking)

Spare leaders X 4

felt wading soles for korkers


Swiss army knife

Mini EPIRB (in case of snakebite)

Compresion bandage

Muesli Bar

Water Bottle


Polaroids !!!!

Fly Box contains depending on time of year:


#14 royal wulff

#12 Royal wulff (for indicators)

#14 and #16 Royal humpy's

#16 elk hair caddis

#16 ausable wulff (deadly fly)

#16 klinkhammer (for pool sippers)

#12 daves hopper


#14 and #16 bead head nympths (some tungsten)

#14 Olive wooly bugger (deadly)

#14 hare and copper

I think i have got everything



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Hi Col it surprises me that you include no tassie devils in your kit, any particular reasons? I also try to have a couple of cd3 rapalas as well as they cast so far and can be used in so many situations. Cheap tackle store bin lures also get a run in the tight places ,snags etc as it doesnt hurt too much when you loose a 4$ lure. cheers TROUTBOY :1fishing1:

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Excellent topic wrasseman, I hope to see some more replies.

I do have a small trout kit, only I don't really get to use it much. My bream kit gets quite a bit of use though, so I'll detail it. I use the same small tacklebox as yourself, as alot of my breaming is either shorebased or out of a little bass kayak. The kit includes:

Braid scissors

Berkeley lip grippers (includes tape)

Gerber multi tool

Nitlon leader (usually 4lb and 8lb, although this varies sometimes on where I'm fishing)

6'6" rob and 1500 reel with 4lb fireline

Hat & sunnies


Nitro jigheads in 1/32, 1/24 & 1/16 size 2 (usually about 6 to 8 of each)

Squidgy resin finesse heads and some offset worm hooks for unweighted fishing (a few of each)


3" bass minnows - smelt & pumpkinseed

6" gulp sandworms - any colour

65mm squidgy wrigglers in bloodworm and avocado

Squidgy bug in casper


2x SX40

1x sneaky scorpion

2x river2sea bobblepop (smallest size)

2x river2sea babyvibes

1x deep crawdad (translucent pink)

If I'm in the kayak, I do take a few more packets of SPs for variety, however the ones I have listed are the essentials.

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I seem to carry way too much crap..... This is all the stuff i take when going either afterthe bream or trout.

the obvious;




-7.6" Finesse Raider

-TD Tierra 2000

-6lb crystal fireline

on the belt i have;

-Gerber Multi-tool (suspension)

-Mini Folding Landing Net

-Petzl Tikka Headlamp

In the vest i have;

-JigHeads box; 1/47 1/32 1/24 1/16, various hook sizes, mainly 2s and 4s

-couple of spinner baits

-various SPS; including Ecogear 3" paramax, powerbait frogs nymphs and hawgs, atomic paddletails, squidgies

-6lb flourocarbon leader

-box of various bits n pieces; hooks, split shot, floats, swivels, fly clips, snaps, etc


-tape measure

-gerber knife; harsey air ranger

-Two Plano Boxes for HBs, these include SX40s, Smith Jade, SMith Camions, Smith Towadi, Jackall Chubbys, Husky Jerks, etc.... i dotn actualyl carry the Rapala JSR4 or the RMGs on me usually though...



plus in a backpack if i run out of space...


-water bottle


-small first aid stuff

as i said, i carry too much stuff..... but then again i usually use most of it, and most of the time it would be a waste of the day if i needed to go back for something.


Macca :1fishing1:

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