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Chasing Beach Jewies

Mondo Rock

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Hey mondo, mate of mine asked me to post this for him, for you!

Hey Mondo nice salmon. There is plenty around at the moment, especially out off Maroubra. For Jew try the rip at South Maroubra especially when there is a bit of a swell running and it creates a nice deep gutter. The jews patrol this and come up in the corner of the beach forraging along the rocks. Also keep an eye at North Mbra....it gets a nice deep hole on occasions and has "jewies" written all over it. Tony mentioned Little bay, personally I prefer it for bream, blackfish, blurters etc etc but i think it is a little shallow for Jewies and it doesn't hold any bait. HAHAH Grey Nurse....they are everywhere other than at South Maroubra which is a supposed "critical habitat zone". We see them fairly often. Gibbo would agree.

Don't give in on Coogee. You would be supprised where I have seen them there. In summer if you don't catch a Jew you will probably get a shark or two. There is plenty of bronzies around Coogee. We fished a beach comp off Coogee one morning a few years back now for salmon, bream and blurters and was bitten off half a dozen times by pesky bronzies! Unfortunately didn't have wire and you can;t weigh them in. All while pommy backpackers were swimming around unaware!

If you want more details pop down to South Sydney Fishing Club on a wednesday night and ask for Mark. Plenty of guys know a lot more than me about Jewie fishing and they'll give you a tip or two. Tony has more info about the club at the shop......including member forms but best to pop down for a yarn.



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