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Chasing Beach Jewies

Mondo Rock

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Well my mission to snare a jewie off the Eastern Suburbs beaches continued over the weekend just passed, having now gone into its 14th month of reeeeasonably sustained persistence.

It began on Friday night with a 5pm knock-off from work and a sneaky squid session down at a secret Eastern Suburbs location. I was trying out my new 1-3kg Ian Miller T-Curve Tournament flick stick (purchased at Fishraider prices from Tony at Fishfinder Tackle - thanks mate! :thumbup: ) for the first time and thought that that it, combined with my favourite jig, might do the trick. The wind was non-existent and the tide was just about perfect, rising to an 8pm high.

After being suitably impressed by how far the new rod was able to cast the lure (it definitely gets the thumbs up from me) I settled into a slow, jerky retrieve and soon started to worry that I was going too slow, as you do with a $16 jig designed to catch anything that touches it. I felt the first tug of seaweed before suddenly getting snagged, and then soon realising that I wasn't snagged when the seaweed started pulsing away. It always pays to slow your retrieve down I reckon, even if you're sweating over an expensive lure.

Anyway an hour later and I had three medium squid and one big mumma in the bucket. All squid heads and the big squid were destined for jewie bait, the three smaller squid wold become rings for the plate.


The next night I drove to my usual jewie beach (when I say 'usual' I mean that it's where I usually fish for them, not where I usually catch them. I haven't actually caught one there nor seen one caught there :-rolleyes) but it was too rough so I ended up going to Coogee. Hey, it's a deep beach and they lose an English Backpacker every couple of years to a bronzie*, so I figured I was in with a shot.

I threw out the first slab of squid after pausing for a few swimmers to go past, and started the waiting game. Ten minutes later and I had a bloody massive jerk on the line, but unfortunately the jerk was a swimmer who got tangled in the fireline before flipping me off and swimming on. Sorry - bad joke, I know.

Immediately after the swimmer freed himself I started to wind in, and got slammed by a good fish. I figured it wasn't a jew since it hit on the retrieve, but after tussling with it for a good couple of minutes I was starting to think that maybe Coogee was going to break my jewie duck. The funny thing was that there were people walking all around me, under the line, talking across me as I moved, and all of them seemed oblivious to the fact that I was fighting a fish in their midst. I mean, the 12ft rod was bent over and pulsing, the drag was zinging occasionally as the fish took a bit, I was moving around - but they just didn't notice until I pulled a 65cm Salmon up between their feet, kicking and flipping about.


It was the biggest Salmon I've caught and it gave good account of itself, even on the 30lb jew gear. All of a sudden everyone was interested - and even more so when I let him go. One guy even offered to pay me for it - people are so confused when you tell them that Salmon isn't good eating.


(this is actually me in the photo - not the guy who offered to pay for the fish)

An hour later and I had landed another two identically sized Salmon, and kept the last one as it was gut-hooked. Made it into Thai fish cakes and it wasn't bad at all. Maybe I should have sold it to that guy.

So the jewie quest was unsucsessful once again, but after a squid and fish cake dinner on Saturday night it didn't seem that bad.

(* this part of the story is not, to my knowledge, actually true)

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Hi Mondo

Great report and you must be a patient person, 14 Months of reasonably sustained persistence is commitment to achieving a goal. :1fishing1:

I never really noticed many fishing reports mention the eastern suburbs beaches and jewfish.

It may be that the Eastern Suburbs Jewfish play hard to get, you should try for a Northern Beaches Jewfish, They seem a lot easier. :074:

If you ever do cross the Harbour Bridge consider North Narrabeen, Palm Beach seems to produce the goods as do Mona Vale Newport and Whale Beach. Not that I have caught one myself but I do read the local reports and talk to the tackle store owners.

The squid you caught must have been a treat to eat. Just love salt and pepper squid.

Hope all your persistence pays of real soon and your first goes 20kg plus. :thumbup:



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Thanks for the words of support and encouragement Raiders!

As Buddha would say - it is not the destination, but the journey that matters. And I'd have to say that I enjoy the jewfish journey immensly. To be honest I just like going to the beach.

I'd also have to agree that the northern beaches appear to produce jewies on a far more regular basis - but I just can't accept that the Eastern Suburbs beaches are devoid of jewies. There's no logical reason that I can think of as to why they wouldn't be there - the bait is there after all - so I'm just going to keep trying.

Besides, it's the most convenient place for me to fish and I'm a lazy bugger (although I'm sneaking up on a trip to Tallows beach north of the Hawkesbury in the coming month)

You can rest assured that I'll let you all know when that first jewie slides up the sand!!

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Mate well done, great persistance am im sure it will pay off very soon.

May i suggest Stanwell Park beach.

Before we got into boating Netic and I used to go there alot and caught many jews there, i also saw many more caught there by other fisho's.

You can also catch little mullets from the pond there and use them as live bait.

Just a suggestion mate

Great read and look forward to seeing a pic of your first jew

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Kingchaser - I'll let Tony from Fishfinder give you the specifics (he is a member of this site and can be pm'd if you have a specific price enquiry), but I understand that he generally gives Fishraiders a discount. He gave me a good one on the rod I purchased, but that may be limited by availability etc.

Gibbofisho - see the comments in my original report re my 'usual' spot. Good to hear that there are confirmed jewie captures there.

Mind you I was surprised at how good the fishing at Coogee was (for salmon at least). Apparently the two thousand or so people who were on the beach and in the water didn't put them off!! Although I did wait until the water was almost empty of swimmers (about 5:30pm) before throwing out the first bait.

Hey Steve - I've heard reports about Stanwell and jewies. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to organise a session down there.

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Ahh mate... the saga continues - one that I too am familiar with. Very well done on the squid, and the salmon aren't bad consolation prizes (but not jewies!). Hope the upcoming months will see us both land a good jewie off the beach (fingers crossed - and ssshhhh - don't want to jinx myself :biggrin2: ).


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O.K Mondo & Flattieman enough already! :074::074:

Seeing I'm leaving Sydney I'll take both of you to my fave beach to catch a Jew. We'll have to put up with Swordy to though as he would be mighty pissed :ranting2: if he wasn't invited!

We have 2 months to do it.

You will catch a Jew, even if it's only a schoolie.



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