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Thursdy Night. Snapper/trag


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Hoping to get some Reds, my brother and I anchored up on a reef shown to me by eastcoastin' (dan trotter). Thanks mate! Our first floaters hit the water just on dusk, and after a couple of hours we got a small pannie snapper (35cms), followed by two Teraglin in quick succession, and another a quarter of an hour later, all three of which we 65cms. Being as we wouldn't have kept any more and were both starting to feel a bit off we headed back to the heads. All caught on whole pillies

Earlier in the night we got a few bustoffs and runs that felt and good deal more substantial than the Trags. I also caught a little shark which i've never seen before. After consulting the museum fishes list i think it must have been a juvenile, possibly a tiger shark?

Awesome night and beautiful fish, well worth the queasiness. :biggrin2:




Just BBQ-d one. delicious!

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