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Sounder Questions?


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Hi guys

i recently bought a 4.3 clark abalone, that im fitting out for inshore/estuary fishing, my problem is i installed a lowrance x135 sounder, followed all instructions, mounted transducer on transom, took it out fishing on the weekend, everything seemed to be working perfect except the bottom is always really jagged, even when i zoom right out it still is lumpy even when i know im over flat sand, my question is, is this caused by the lumpy swell moving the boat up and down or havent i installed it right? im pretty sure its the swell so can this be fixed so i can find ledges and reef or do i just have to put up with it?

cheers Hennessy

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gday mate

was fishing water from about 40-80 feet and swell was about 1 metre maybe a bit more.

cheers Hennessy

You are correct ,the up and down does affect the reading when the swell rises and falls

We have the same sounder and it works perfectly :thumbup:

Cheers Stewy

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