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Botany Bay 7.10.06


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Well it was GREAT to finaly be back on the water after some mechanical problems with the boat(almost 12 weeks out).

It was a very last start due to some other commitments, but we were on our way out at 11am.

First stop was at my livie spot and the plan was to let them go at molineax point or offshore in 50m.

All i could raise was these weird looking fish with stripes on the side? Very weird as there are always yakkas at that spot..

Oh well after 20mins of catching those annoying fish it was off past the heads the heads, but at this stage it was blowing like crazy. We could see some proper surf waves breaking on bare island.

Our boat is only 4.7metres and doesnt like the chop at all so we drifted in between the heads but couldnt keep our baits on the bottem because we were drifting so fast because of the wind.

Back to the oil wharf and only got a few sweep and other crap..tried molineax point and only got more sweep(by this stage it was 3pm and didnt land a keeper fish!!)

Thought i would try drifting the sand beaches at brighton but didnt even get a bite there..same with the first and third runway NOTHING! :1badmood: It was blowing like crazy again and the chop was slowly building up.

The sun was quicking seting and it was our last hope at a fish so over to the oil whard again in hope of some tailor..my bobby cork was soon under water and in comes into the boat a....travaly! caught on a whole pillie on ganged hooks!

Got 3 more trevs then it was time to go. When pulling up the anchor it felt heavy..thought it might've been some seagrass but up it comes a bloody anchor! The thing looked ancient so i kept the thing. heres a pic of it.


After that it was a very slow trip back to cooks river ramp. We were averaging 20km/h because of the chop!

overall the bay is still fishing very slow :05: but hopefully as the water temp rises it will bring the fish.


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my daughter and i were out there too, we got outside and trolled north in washing machine conditions for nothing, got back in the bay and couldnt raise a fish (only using plastics) slow trip back to the motorboat club, even had a swell come over the screen at towra point :1yikes:

well done on the trevs and anchor :074:

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I believe small fish with stripes are called mado's, you can use as live bait but not as good as yakkas.

heres a link

yep thats the one!

was tempted to take one for a livie but didn't..if i get them again i will take one for sure-maybe the kings like them :thumbup:

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also with the livie spot the mados and sweep tend to come on after sunrise,

you will still find yakkas but the mados and sweep are more agressive,

if you really wanna get yakkas you must be there at dark


yeah they sure are aggresive, they will strip a piece of prawn off a long shank in less then 10seconds.

Due to a very late start and other commitments it was virtualy impossible to get there before sunrise :05:

I will chuck a few out as livies next time IF I can't find any yakkas.

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