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Oh Yes.. Finally! I've Gotten The Mama!

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G'day raiders. Today was a memorable luring session for me. Still went out even though the wind was quite strong. Made a quick sms to a mate of mine but he had some essays due so I head out alone. Had a late start as I wanted to catch just the mid-tide. As usual, started out with HBs first. Tied on pinkie but no takers. Soon, it was getting quite dark. Switched to sp'ing and gave the camo sandworm a go. Couple of casts later had a huge take and the line peeled for a short burst but no hookup. Damn, the worm was still intact that suggested it did not get the hook. By then, I reckon the worm was too 'used' and rigged up a new one. Next cast and I was on with a undersize bream. :thumbdown: Released it and cast back to the same spot, and the bites came in thick. It's frustrating as I couldn't successfully convert the bites. So, I tied on a SX40 (syd guppy) and casted near a rock wall. Couple of cranks later got a 39cm flattie.

post-283-1160225401_thumb.jpg post-283-1160225410_thumb.jpg

Moved a feet up and casted in another angle at the wall. When I got my lure near where my head-torch was shining, I saw a big flattie (easily over 60) came out of nowhere (I loved flatties for doing these stunts :biggrin2: ) and took the sx. Line was peeling (sorry, I think I loosen too much) and I tried to keep some pressure on my BlackHole rod but then my sx bounce out of the water and I lost it! :mad3: (damn u ronald! for giving such a 'pussy' drag!)

Oh well, kept my composure and re-checked my 6lb vanish leader. Nothing was wrong and kept going at the same spot. This time at another angle, I got a big 'bump' feeling on my rod. I didn't even strike and the weight was massive. Gosh, can I be so lucky to get that same flattie? But my blackhole was bending big time, and I felt this is a better fish than my previous pb of 59cm. The 1st couple of crank-in was alright, and the fish came in gently but I reckon once it saw the street lighting, it made a dash. And this dash is a DASH! The kix (drag properly tightened this time) sang the beautiful tune and kept going for almost 1/3 of my spool (1500 size) empty! :1yikes: I played it nice and slow to keep the leader at an angle to prevent cut-offs. The longest time was spent to tire out the fish, and also trying to lip grip by myself was no easy task. Luckily all goes well (the 6lb vanish held) and she decided to slid in for a successful grip. My personal best Dusky Flathead of 80cm caught on SX40. :yahoo:


Finally, I've gotten a mama flattie. :1clap: Some nice chaps came to say hi and helped me took the pic. They were surprised why I had wanted to release the mama. I kindly explained that the big ones are brooders and will lay many many eggs and soon they got the point why I released her. :thumbup: By then, I was quite shaken and tired after the battle and called it quits but rest assured I'll try to 'UP' my pb again! :icon_peace:



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Ronald, Ronald, RONALD!!!!!!! :1yikes::1yikes:

That, my friend is a champion effort - especially from the shore. Those big girls can be a nightmare to land in a boat - give yourself a big pat on the back.

Make sure you put it in Fish 'O the Month mate.

Great efford.



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Wooohoooo! :yahoo::yahoo:

Top report & pics once again Ronald! :thumbup:

Congrats on the big Flattie mate. With the amount of effort you've been putting in lately it was bound to happen!

Very soon you are going to smack a nice Jew & it will be totally deserved.

Well done mate. :biggrin2:



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