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Botany Bay/heads

Guest IFishSick.

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Guest IFishSick.

Hey Raiders,

Thought I would post a report on Botany Bay and Botany Heads from this morning.

The day started with heading to Molineux Point in the :frozen: weather with myself, Keith (dad), and three guests, Martin, Chris and Bruno. We caught around 10 small snapper, 1 just under legal sized flatty and a whiting.

After getting jack of that we ventured further out for a drift just inside the heads. With the large swell I was a bit chunderish and had a sit down. The others had not one bite.

So with a few hours gone it was decided to troll and bottom bash a bit outside. Nothing was taken in 20 minutes on the troll so we got the bottom gear out. In about 30 minutes dad pulled up some small snapper and just as we were about to leave two largish ones. One legal 32cm and the other just under. With the fish starting to bite Keith got excited but to no avail as a few of the crew including myself were feeling like crap.

On the way in we drove past a school of small tuna though didn't catch any with the metal slice.


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Guest IFishSick.

are u sure they were tun not slmon and where abouts did u see them?

They were definately Tuna, they almost swam into the boat. We saw them straight out from the heads a couple of km's.

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Guest Sea Jay

Alteast you got some fish mate

I drove past botany this afternoon and i could see some decent swell coming through the heads

I also saw a boat that looked like it had beached its self with the tide it was a fibreglass boat with an inboard and it was high and dry i would say that they are still there now cause the water was a fair way away


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