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Pittwater Fishing Spots On Hired Boat


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Hi guys, A group of us were planning to go out on boat hire at our local Rose Bay joint to fish the harbour tomorrow, but unfortunately the guy doesnt do weekday boat hires no more :( . So we now changed plans and instead rucking up to pittwater, where its uncharted territory for us. Just wondering does anyone know any usual spots or hints of where we can fish at? if we go out on hired boat.

Thanks heaps.


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ive got a few spots that produce but it depends on what you are fishing for??

for bream and trevally, its hard to go past the moorings and marinas at newport, careel bay, bayview. a place that turns out varies species of fish include the wharves around scotland island here is good for bream, trevors, salmon& tailor (sun rise/sunset) and your a good chance of a kingfish.

trolling from longnose point to mackeral beach and around soldiers point produces kings, salmon, tailor.

the calm bays on the western side such as coasters retreat and morning bay produce flathead.flounder, bream and whiting on the drifts as well as squid in among the weedy patches.

the drift in front of careel bay and palm beach (pittwater side)in front of the seaplane wharf and around the markers almost always produces nice flathead and flounder.

there is endless structures such as wharves, marinas, moorings, flats etc. a good place to start though would be around scotland islands wharves and moorings they constantly produce!

here is a map that will give you ideas of depths structure and the names of the bays..

pittwater map

hope this helps are yous fishing lures, baits and whats your target species??

cheers pk

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Hey pk-fishn thanks heaps for the info your a legend :thumbup: . We got to pittwater boat hire just two hours before the high. We firstly headed out to this deep drop off where the boat hire person said produce good flatties, however when we got there the water was dam deep and we couldnt anchor, and the current was too strong, so we basically just drifted and caught nothing but a undersize snaper and flattie. We then headed to another bay where heaps of boats were moored but still caught nothing. this was already 2 hours into our boat hire and everyone started to look a bit grim. We then headed to Mackeral beach and thats when the action started firing. At first when we got there, we never realised that the water was really shallow about 3-4m max, but we dropped the anchor and burley pot, and bingo a school of trev started to hang around us. caught about 20 between the 4 of us. One of our mate who only believes in catching big fish after a catching a trev he changed hooks and baited a pillie and chucked it down to see what he can hit. After a few minutes his rod started to buckle and bam, he was onto a ray ( not sure what type as when we pulled it close to the boat couldnt really see the sting on the tail), anyways after securing the tail in the net we unhooked it and put it back. he then rebaited and within 20min caught a shavol nose, which didnt put up that much a fight, but got it out took a quick photo and was then released. After that everyone was exhausted so we headed back.

So not bad for a first trip to the area. Once again thanks for the info bro saved our day.

cheers :beersmile:

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