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It was a North Coast Headland ,we'd been on the rocks all-night,

It was now just before first-light,the stars were disappearing,

I just could make out the cylume stick attached to my Bobby Cork, suspended 5mts below was a nervous Yellowtail.

I could feel the bait-fish in panic mode thru the Gelspun,

A large predator hunted ,

both in the water and on the Rocks,

the Cylume stick disappeared and line started to peel off the TLD25.

I pushed up the lever and the hook bit home,

the big fish headed back towards the beach, then circled.

Finally, shining the light in the water, a big bronze ,silver fish showed in the wash.

With the big fish on the rocks and the Eastern Sky alight with magical colors , I sat back ,to late now to put another bait in,

I would just sit back and enjoyed the movement quietly chatting to my mate.

Fishing early morning and late afternoon is certainly a Magical time of the day to me.

Early morning Winter Bream fish.


Sunset Kimberleys


Sunrise In The Kimberleys


Photo taken Cleaning fish at Long Reef ........and having a Beer.


Sunrise Bream Spin ..Parramatta River


Sunset North West Island, Low Tide. Boats at rest.


Another Sunset at North West Island


I have heaps more on prints................

But I think some of you know what I mean.


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Funny you should say that IFishSick ,my mate who lives at Caringbah left today,driving up and towing the boat to Gladstone .I fly up with wife and daughter on Saturaday for our annual 2 week pilgrimige to NWI.

I'll have a :beersmile: for you at the sunset bar..............and take a few more photos :thumbup:


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"Finally, shining the light in the water, a big bronze ,silver fish showed in the wash."

Show us the pic of the fish!

Have to boot up the old scanner as had no digital camera then. Going away for 2weeks on sat up to NWI have to do it when I get back, might have some other photos then :1fishing1: .


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