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Kings In Botany?

Steve Mc

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Guest IFishSick.

There are always good sized Flatties in Botany Bay. Almost everywhere. Most people get them on SP's along the shallows. The biggest I've seen caught was my dad 2kg flatty while Jewey fishing.

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I don't fish Botany bay but I am sure there are some kingies in Botany Bay. I am sure there are resident fish there all year as there are resident fish in all our major inshore waterways in Sydney. You just have to find them in a feeding mood and present the right bait/lure. Heard that kings were caught around captain cooks bridge last week if that is any help. Cheers Kelvin

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Has anyone been getting any kingies in Botany Bay recently? What about good sized flatties?

Hi Steve, have not heard of many Kings being taken in the bay, a little too early for them i think.

If you want some nice flatties try drifting Towra Point, west to east if you can.

We start at about 1 mtr deep and throw soft plastics at them. Each drift is a little deeper.

We have nailed up to 3.7kg throwing on the sand spots between the weeds :thumbup: .

If you want to try for kings you should hit the areas between the bommy off Bear island and Nth head of the bay. Come early December it's worth a live yakka around the oil wharf.

Hope this helps,Good luck.

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