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Kurnell Peninsula


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Got to the carpark at about 5:30am and was greated by a strong southerly.I still got ready to go as the wind was predicted to ease off as the day wore on.The first part of the walk was very cold,but I soon warmed up as the walk went on.When I finally got to the spot all my warm clothes went on and I began sorting the lines.I had brought some live mullet with me to float out for a king but due to the wind I was unable to get a good drift.

I then sent out two bottom baits as it was to windy to float out a pilchard.I got some nice bites but they were hard to hook due to the wind.I did get two small kelp sharks and some other rubbish fish which all went back.It was very dark and there was a light drizzle and I knew the fish loved these conditions,especially snapper,so it was only a matter of time before they'ed come on the bite.


At about 9:00am the wind died down and I could start to feel the bites.I got one better bite and struck and set the hook.I could feel the good headshakes and I knew it was a snapper.I winched it up and it wasn't a bad one at 43cm.I sent the next bait out and instantly there was a rattle at the other end and I set the hook on a much smaller fish.It was just over legal at 32cm and was another for the table.The next bait was met with another good pull.I hooked it and it felt bigger then the last and much more like the first.I got the fish to the surface and was another snapper like the first but as I went to pull it up the hook pulled and it was gone :1badmood:

The wind began to pick up and the snapper went off the bite.Finally the sun came out at 10:00am and I started to warm up.


I rigged up a pilchard under a float and sent it out.The drift was fast,but I was still able to fish with it.The float raced under and I hooked a good fish which was fighting hard.Finally it surfaced and jummped,it was a good salmon that went 73cm.Kept it to go with last weeks bonito in fish cakes.Caught five more salmon which were released.Caught four eels and some more rubbish fish on the bottom outfit so I put a larger bait on and sent it out.Rigged some prawns under a float and got wiped out on 15kg gear by what I think was a big drummer.Then the bottom outfit,which had been in for 40mins buckled over.It was a good fight with lots of headshakes so I knew it was another snapper.It went 41cm and was another yummy one for the table.I fished on but the bite had shut down.Later in the arvo a huge pod of dolphins swam under the cliffs which was a great site.It would have been nicer and I maybe could have got into a few more keeper fish if the wind wasn't so strong,but it was still a top day out with pleanty of action and a great feed to take home.


The catch.

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Guest johblow

Thats great! How high above the water were you? I caught some keeper snapper but never on whos head has been outgrown by its body yet ;-) Looks like it may be worth a try - how is the safety factor there?

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Thanks for the kind replies.

johblow the ledge is about 35m from the water and is

quite safe.I spent acouple of weekends walking through

the peninsula,before I even started to fish it,looking at all

the spots and finding the safest ones.Have viewed this ledge

and afew others from the top and from the ocean in the boat.

They are very thick and don't have the crumbly edges like the

ones further north towards Botany have.

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