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Fished Cowan on Saturday Afternoon 14th, after it had cooled down a little. The Bream were no where to be seen in the shallows so a magor move was called for. It paid off with baitfish and predators found off the deeper points. Straight off the bat two healthy little flatties hit the five inch gulp jerkbait one after the other. Moving further along got another solid hit on a 3" minnow, the fish not doing much untill it spotted the boat, then a short dive and a nice schoolie pops up. Theres dinner. After drifting off the spot I make another cast into the same area and the little minnow gets belted. This time there is an instant run towards structure and with as much pressure as I daired, tried to steer the fish into deeper water. It worked and as the fish headed out and undernath the boat I loosened up the drag and thought I have you now. Then the hook fell out! :05: By the time I got my act together again it was fully dark and no more magor hookups. By the way how dark does it get up there even the boat ramp has no lights. Thanks Dave

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