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Looking at a 4.10 top ender with a 40hp 4 stroke

It depends a lot on where you plan to use it , calm water , rivers , dams etc or in open water / outside

If calm water then just about any boat will do , it gets down to personal design preferene , space , fittings , accessories you may wish to add & of course , price

If rough or potentially rough waters then thats another story.

A friend of mine has a 4.6 with a 40 2s & is very happy with the boat


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Thanks Geoff, main use would be dams and estary. May look to head to rougher waters on occassions

Just a further thought , have you checked how the boat will sit at rest with say , 1 person up the back

A 40 4s may be a bit on the heavy side. Have you considered a 30 4s

As a guide , check out the Yammie web site & note the weight difference between the 30 2s / 4s & the 40 2s / 4s

As mentioned previously my friend has a 4.6 with a 40 2s & it flys. With 2 or 3 on board rarely runs on full throttle.

Perhaps your spending $$$$$ on unneeded HP

Food for thought



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gday weasel,i've got a 5.1M Ally Craft.It's a great fishing boat, we've taken it outside plenty of times without a problem.but it's also ia great family boat that gives me the best of both worlds.

Work out what you want to do with the boat,then compare what is available on the market.

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