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Glenbawn Dam


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Howdy All,

I am heading up to Glenbawn in a couple of weeks for a camping fishing trip and was wondering whether any fishraiders who'd been there lately could update me on the conditions??

I was there last in 2000, and the water level was fine, plenty of yellabelly, great camping conditions.

We used to camp opposite the Dam wall, where the showers/toilets are, leave the boat on the shore, we had a great time.

With the lack of rain these days, is the boat ramp working, many fish around, etc etc?

All advice appreciated.



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Just so happens that swordie and I are heading that way shortly for our annual pilgrimage with about 8 other raiders.

Our good friends Sandra and Dennis from the Glenbawn kiosk told us a few days ago that the main boat ramp was still quite accessible and that the bass were ON and taking jackalls and pink Oar-Gees.

Can't wait to get up there :thumbup:

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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