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hey guys

tides are looking alrite for h and c so i thought i mite go down there

lets hope its not as windy coz i dun think ill go if its like 2day.... :(

ill probably go about 10 30 - 11 n stay till 2

anybody who wants to join me is welcome

i sure wouldnt mind a bit of help

thx n cya there

P.S im landbased

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Best of luck if you end up going down there lurespinner. :1fishing1:

I would even say that a 12:00-2:00 session would be a better time to go with the tide.

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I should have headed down today, instead I tried the beach at Garie and the surf was huge, lifeguards closed the beach but I only persisted about and hour, the heaviest star sinkers couldn't hold the bottom and the water was full of weed and blue bottles so then I went home grabbed the yak and had a crack at the Georges and wankers in their lewis ski boats with the music pumping thought it would be amusing to try and swap the yak 10 minutes later 3 jet skis tried the same thing so after pegging my heaviest ball sinker at the pr#@ks, shame I missed I paddled back to the car and went home. Worst bloody day fishing to date :1badmood::ranting2::ranting2:

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