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Hawkesbury River Classic


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once a year where you normally fish?

Usually fish Botany Bay.

Should be out there tomorrow, weather looks good.

Fished the classic for the last 3 years. Best was 2 jews bout

the 80cm mark on the first year. Last year was horrific.

Struggled to get a bite all weekend.

The Hawkesbury classic is the only time i venture up that way.

Hence I have no idea what I am doing up there. But what we

lack in fish we certainly make up for in beer.

We will be in a carribean commodore and an orange jaffa

(with a white second story............someone decided to add

a top floor addition before my mate bought it) Its about the

same size as the commodore.

If you have any hints I am all eyes and ears.

cheers.........and good luck.

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