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Bore Water


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Ok guys, I know this topic has been touched on before but I'm yet to see whether it can be used or not. As you all know the Central Coast is on Level 4 Water restrictions and therefore we are not permitted to wash boat, trailer or even flush the motor. Therefor I am laying out the couple of thousand dollars to have a tank installed. Now once we get a bit of rain :1badmood: , I'm sure I'll have enough water stored to flush the motor with but I'm not sure if I will have an adequate supply to wash the whole boat all the time. My parents live around the corner and they have Bore Water. The water has a relativly low salt content however it does contain a bit of sulphur.

The question I pose, can I use the Bore Water to wash my aluminium boat and trailer? I asked my mechanic and he was non comittal........ :mad3:

Please help. :(



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I'm not sure about using the bore water but if you get in contact with sydney water you will find that you are able to use potable water to flush your motor.

I count my self very lucky, as the suburb where I live we have 2 water supplies, normal drinking water which are ruled by water restrictions and a seperate service which is recylced water and there are restrictions on this supply so we are lucky enough to wash the boat, cars, use sprinklers and so on. :yahoo:

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