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Picked Up My New Toy


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Hey raiders,

Well I haven't been online for a while without a computer once again. Wel I had the new boat all lined up. I was originally getting a decked out poly and then a little birdy let me in on a secret....Ranger boats were coming to Australia. After a bit of research i was looking at the ranger 188 with a 150merc on the back. Beautiful bass boat.

Whilst doing my researches i was told that subaru were bringing out the new WRX clubspec9. well needles to say the idea of new boat went out the window and i placed an order on the cs9. I picked her up a couple of weeks ago. its the world rally blue colour and interior is magnificant. Absoloutly beautiful car and i'm over the moon with it. Will post some photo's soon. Only a few slight modifications will be made. I just put a 3" MRT exhaust on it and sound sweet.

pics to come


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