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Killer Green Snake.floating Jew

Guest danielinbyron

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Guest danielinbyron

Yesterday i went to the matahorn at the bottom of the lighthouse to fish once again in a howler. I was fielding a couple of questions from a tourist before i jumped the fence to head down the path and i was checking out the water. So it wasn't til it moved that I realised that I'd stood on a bloody snake. The top of the path is really dodgy and I've jumped {like a loon}two foot in the air.. ... landed where i left off jumped again.. The tourist hasn't seen the snake and is telling me to be careful..Eventually it got bored with the stupid dancing man and made its way under a nearby bush.. It was a greenish copper color with a peach coloured belly..Probably harmless but when i looked at where i was jumping the fall could have killed me.

Should have known at that point... But i persisted , birds working everywhere , the two bombees at the spurs were full of literate fish {marine park now they've read the sign}..

Got in to position, spun up a tailor, walked around the corner and i'm battling the wind and theres a schooly floating on its back maybe thirty feet from the ledge I'm on..Now the last one of these i spotted I picked up with the lighthouse keeper , and it was much bigger . It had been shot in the head and pulled free .{took us a while to work that out as the tear mark was under its jaw}

This guy was maye 5kg and had probably been dropped by a line fisherman..

But today the wind and the chop was two much , I couldn't get a lure to dig in and I watched it float out to sea.

I baited up with tailor squid worm and ocky to catch every type of toothless shark known to man and went home to lasagne .. Told :wife: I'd stood on a snake and without blinking she asked " was he alright"

ps...maybe this post is in the wrong place..a couple of tailor does not a report make.

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